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The famous Christmas Hymn O Holy Night contains the line: “The Weary World Rejoices!”

How exactly does a weary world rejoice?

Weariness is that deep down to the bone fatigue that is the result of extreme exertion. Sometimes this hits us all at once, sometimes it seeps in slowly after years of striving and working for change, but however it comes it can seem overwhelming. Yet we know this to be a season of joy and rejoicing and the beautiful thing about that is that joy is meant to be felt within a full house of emotions (and not just the warm fuzzy kind). So this Advent season we will be learning how a weary world (and our weary selves) can indeed rejoice. We will acknowledge our weariness, find joy in connection, allow ourselves to be amazed, and sing songs of hope. Most of all we will make room for Jesus once again to enter our world and our hearts. Join us on this Advent adventure!

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