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Everyday Easter

We celebrate Easter and its proclamation that Christ is Risen.  We celebrate the Easter season from Easter morning and Pentecost with stories of the Disciples meeting the Risen Christ.  We celebrate every Sunday as a little Easter remembering that Christ is Risen, and we need to live like we have a Living Savior.  You may be thinking enough about Easter already!  But is it?  The bible makes the theological point that Christ is present in and through all things.  This means everything is sacred and every moment is holy.  Even when you are doing the dishes or folding the laundry, or brushing your teeth…

Easter is every day.  Easter is in every moment.  Do we live like that?  If not, how do we come closer to this idea?  This is what we continue to explore as we move through the scriptures that lead us to Pentecost.  Join us as we learn to live like an Easter people.

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