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Surprised by Joy

I was surprised by joy one very wet day at a fall retreat. Cold rain has a way of making you keep your head downcast. Watching where you walk and hunching against the inevitable chill. I found myself in just this position walking up to the dining hall at camp MaryMac. But as we got closer the friend I was walking with stopped in their tracks and looked up exclaiming “Look!” I did and was mesmerized by what looked to be millions of bright sparkly stars that took my breath away. So much so that it took me several moments to realize they were not stars at all. We both had miraculously missed walking into a spider’s web just above our heads that was covered in water droplets. The lamp post in front of the dining hall was casting just enough light on it that it was shining like the nights sky would have on a clear night. The burst of joy I had was not diminished in the slightest when I realized that I was seeing something entirely different than what I thought. In fact it serves as a reminder. So often the joy we find in life is a web of tiny happy moments that we string together creating beauty and awe during even the dreariest of days.

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