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Come & See

Come and see. A wonderful three-word invitation to experience for ourselves what God is up to. This week both our Hebrew bible story (1Sammuel 3:1-10) and our Gospel story (John 1:43-51) are call stories. Next weeks scriptures (Jonah 3:1-5,10 and Mark 1:14-20) are also call stories. As we enter a new church season our two week focus on call reminds us that “Call” has two important purposes for people of Faith. It helps us discern the “what I should do with my life” question, but it also helps to center us in times of trouble or when we feel disoriented. Orientation comes from the Latin word for east. A direction associated with the Holy Land and with God. We rely on God to re-orient us and refocus us on what is most important in our lives. The invitation to come and see captures both of these purposes. That we need to be personally involved in God’s work and that as we are called we need to focus on where we have the strongest sense of where God is working in our lives and communities. We are the church, and we are here. Come and see.

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