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Again and Again

Life (especially lately) seems to repeat itself. We see the same (few) people again and again. Wake up, eat, and go through the same routine of work again and again. Deal with the same issues and seem to give the same advice again and again. It can seem like life is a series of didn't I just do that?

The blessed news in all of this is that our God also meets us, invites us in again and again. When we need love, reminders, acceptance, forgiveness, God offers it again and again like the ultimate broken record. Sometimes we don't need new signs or revelations we just need to pay attention to the things God already has let us know. This Lent we are tapping into God's reminders and resetting our routines to become closer to the God who loves us. The God who is quick to remind and forgive. What God gives us is worth repeating, worth remembering and worth living, again and again. Join Rockville Christian in worship this Lenten season.

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