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What gives you hope? This was the question on my mind as I spoke to family, friends, and church

members this week. People older and younger than myself and I found a running theme in the answers.

They almost all involved other people. The connection to friends and family, having raised or raising

bright children, the changing nature of the world that allows for things to get better (or at least not

repeat themselves!) Being together allows us to share our hopes and our fears (to coin a phrase from O

Little town of Bethlehem). This is one big reason that Christmas is a season and not a single day. There

is too much to share and to celebrate for just one day of celebration. The feast of Christmas begins on

Christmas Eve and runs for 12 days ending on the evening of January 5 th (12 th night). Epiphany and our celebrating the coming of the wisemen is January 6th bringing the festivities to a close. As we continue to celebrate Christmas what do you still need to share?

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