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Lent 2018

by Elizabeth Baird

The phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” gives me hope.  Not hope that I will ever have myself or my house perfectly together, or that the church will clean out the attic once and for all.  No, as much as I would enjoy that,  these are ongoing processes.  This phrase gives me hope because it […]

January 10, 2016

by Elizabeth Baird

Next Sunday, January 10th, we will welcome Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea to RCC. She is the director of Refugee and Immigration Ministries for the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. She will be sharing with us about her critical work and preaching on the flight to Egypt. Please join us!

Halloween A Trick or a Treat?

by Elizabeth Baird

All Saints Day is one of the earliest feast days celebrated by Christians. It officially began being celebrated on November first in 844 C.E., but it had been celebrated since the fourth century. Halloween is a combination of the words Hallow and Wen and means the eve before All Saints. Both Christians and non-Christians alike […]

Living Bread

by Elizabeth Baird

Our lectionary has taken a detour into the book of John these past weeks and will continue in this same chapter for the next two. This concept of Jesus being living bread, living food, nourishment for us is one that is so profound to our faith we spend five weeks unpacking it. This Sunday August […]

July 1 Bible Study

by Elizabeth Baird

Our weekly Bible study will be joining the congregation at the Big Train Game at Cabin John Regional Park.  Complementary tickets are available please see Marie if you would like tickets.  We will resume our study at the church the following Wednesday.

Preschool Bulletin Board!!!

by Elizabeth Baird

Nothing says preschool like a bulletin board.  We have been blessed that our long- time residents of the Rockville Nursery School and Kindergarten have built us a lovely bulletin board downstairs to communicate with the families in their community.  If you have ideas for decorating, or information you would like to be communicated please see […]

The Final 40

by Elizabeth Baird

What did Jesus do once he was resurrected?  Join us as we explore the final forty days of Jesus’ Ministry.  We will begin this Sunday April 12th with a look at finding room for honest doubt.

Sign up for Camp

by rccsupport

The brochure and registration forms for spring and summer camps and conferences are now available.  Please feel free to pick one up from the office door or go online.